The JBW 'Southern French Pink' Case. £10.00 OFF!

The JBW 'Southern French Pink' Case. £10.00 OFF!

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Who doesn't enjoy a glass of pale, dry, refreshing rose these days?

It goes with the blue skies and the endless Summer sun and is the ideal accompaniment to an al fresco meal.

So put your feet up, say hello to Mr Blue Sky and pour yourself a glass of liquid sunshine to be found in our 'Southern French Pink' Case.

Each case will consist of 2 each of the following wines:

  • Capedevieille & Ginter, Rose 'Elegance' 2018 (Provence)
  • Chateau d'Ollieres, Ctx du Varois Rose 2019 (Provence)
  • Domaine les Terres Promises, Rose 'l'Apostrophe' 2018 (Provence)
  • Henri Nordoc, Cinsault Rose (Languedoc)
  • Chateaux Ollieux Romanis, Corbieres Rose (Languedoc)
  • Mas de Daumas Gassac, Reserve de Gassac Rose (Languedoc) 

Normally retaling at £140.00, we are offering this great selection of pinks for only £130.00.

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