The JBW Pugliese Selection (6 Bottles)

The JBW Pugliese Selection (6 Bottles)

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Over 800 kilometres of coastline define the geographic boundaries of Puglia. Italy's 'heel' is long and narrow, gently wedged into the Mediterranean Sea and has a long history of producing exceptional wines. The warm, dry climate and sea breeze coupled with fertile soils and around 300 days of sun a year, make Puglia the ideal environment for thriving vineyards. Producing more than any other region in Italy, Pugliese grapes are known for their broad, flavoursome variety, contributing to around 17% of Italy’s wine production. Producing mainly red wines, the region’s most widely grown grape variety is Negroamaro. Meaning 'black bitter’, it is almost exclusive to Puglia and is used to produce some of the region’s best wines, such as Salice Salentino. The title for the most famous grape produced in the region, however, goes to the Primitivo. Relatively high in alcohol content, it gives up a delicious full-bodied red. Although white wines from the region count for less than 20% of the overall production, they are gradually growing in importance and local grapes such as Fiano, Flanghina and Greco are rapidly improving in quality and now sit comfortably alongside international favourites such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon.

Our 6 bottle selection consists of a superb selection of reds and whites and showcases the best of the region's indigenous grapes. Normally retailing at a shade over £78.00, we are offering our case for £70.00 - a saving of 10%.

Here are the wines:

  • AA Di Tuccio Raffaele, Antica Enotria Bianco IGT 2018 (Fiano/Falanghina)
  • AA Valentina Passalacqua, Calcarius Hellen Bianco 2019 (Greco)
  • Fatalone, Primitivo Gioia del Colle 2019 (Primitivo)
  • Caleo, Salice Salentino 2018 (Negroamaro/Malvasia Nera)
  • AA Valentina Passalacqua, Calcarius, Hellen Rosso 2019 (Nero di Troia)
  • AA Di Tucci Raffaele, Antica Enotria Rosso IGT 2018 (Nero di Troia/Sangiovese/Montepulciano)