The JBW Refillable Wine Bottle Scheme!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the JBW Bottle Refill Scheme.

Put down a deposit of £2.95 on one of our branded swing-top litre bottles, fill the bottle with the wine of your choice, drink said wine, rinse the bottle and return for a refill when required from the refill station located in our Church Street Shop. Not only is the scheme kind to the environment, (it's calculated that each bottle can be reused at least 30 times, thereby reducing its carbon footprint by 95%), it's also kind to your pocket as refilling your bottle will represent a significant saving on an equivalent bottle purchase.

(The wines, by the way, are a range of reds, whites and roses from Southern France, Rioja and Abruzzo, and start at a very reasonable £8.99/litre).

For  more details please get in touch.